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About Our Beer

Our Beer

One question we’re often asked is: “What kind of beer do you make?”

Well, it’s complicated. While we don’t have a specific brewing style, there are inspirations we take from all over the world to create new recipes (and refine existing recipes) at Maumee Bay Brewing.


The bottom line: if there’s a certain style of beer you like, you’ll find it at Maumee Bay Brewing.

Under the direction of Adam, our head brewmaster, and Michael, brewer and brewery sales manager, we make beer that speaks for itself. There’s German inspiration in our lagers, seasonal inspiration in our special releases, and more.


We consider the profile of our beer selection to be diverse, and we take pride in that. We’re always looking at what we don’t have, or haven’t tried, and then tackling it head-on. We want to make beers that everyone enjoys – and you’ll stumble upon a variety of selections in our 14-tap brewpub.

The History of MBBC Beer

We’re constantly trying to strike a balance between history and innovation.

Our historic and flagship beers, like Buckeye lager, have carried through generations. Our seasonal releases have pushed the boundaries and also introduced people to new flavors and profiles, all while maintaining the quality standards we hold ourselves to.

One of the first beers produced at Maumee Bay Brewing was Fallen Timbers, our signature red ale that’s still brewed today. Along with Broadway Blonde, Fallen Timbers was one of our five original beers. Though Fallen Timbers fell out of production for a period of time, we decided to bring it back because it’s a great beer with a proud Toledo name, in honor of the Fallen Timbers Battlefield and Metropark.


As Toledo’s original craft brewery, we like to stick with traditional beers and styles because those are our roots – it’s what we were built on. But we’re always looking for what’s next.

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